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Secured Advantage is dedicated to you.

Serving on the Secured Advantage Board of Directors or a sub-committee is the best possible way to implement real change in the Credit Union. Want to learn more about Secured Advantage? Looking for changes in policy? Take the reins and help guide Secured Advantage to our full potential.

The Secured Advantage Federal Credit Union Board consists of nine members who are elected at the annual meeting. Board service is a three-year term commitment. Board members are the leaders of the Credit Union and as such are expected to attend every board meeting. The Board of Directors guides policy, appoints committees, conducts the annual meeting and keeps the charter and by-laws updated as needed. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Overall control and direction of the Credit Union
  • Establish operating policies
  • Approve membership applications on a monthly basis
  • Establish share policy and declare dividends
  • Appoint Financial/Investment Committee
  • Retain Credit Union Management staff and assign duties accordingly
  • Conduct Annual Meeting
  • Appoint Education Committee to ascertain training and educational needs of Credit Union volunteers and address these needs per the committee’s recommendations
  • Review/approve the operational budget on a quarterly basis
We have a number of sub-committees aimed to help Secured Advantage improve upon and build various aspects of the Credit Union.

5 or more members

The Legislative Issues Committee remains aware of and informed of legislative issues relating to the financial industry and/or credit unions specifically. Above all else, this committee is responsible for ensuring that all Secured Advantage board and committee members are up to date on the legalities of their duties.

Meets on an as-needed basis

The Special Events Committee is responsible for planning the Annual Meeting and Credit Union Day. They are also responsible for selecting gifts for our events as well as planning and promoting any additional Credit Union events or community outreach projects.

President/CEO, plus 3 or more members

Responsibilities include quarterly evaluations of the training and/or educational needs of all volunteers and allocation and disbursement of funds for education as approved by the annual budget. This committee reports quarterly to the Board of Directors on training and education status.

5 members

The Supervisory Committee carries out all duties outlined in the National Credit Union Administration manual “Supervisory Committee Guide for Federal Credit Unions”. Some of these duties will be contracted out to an independent auditor. This auditor will report to the Supervisory Committee. The Supervisory Committee then reports a summary of these findings to the Board of Directors. One member of the Board of Directors is permitted to serve on this committee while still serving on the Board of Directors.

President, Vice President, Treasurer, CFO, CEO, and 3 or more members

The Committee Chairperson may appoint non-board Credit Union members to serve on this committee. The Committee is authorized to carry out all duties and responsibilities outlined in the Investment/Financial Policy manual.

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