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Halloween Fun on a Budget

Halloween Fun on a Budget: 12 Costume Ideas Using Common Items in Your Home

No matter your age, it’s hard to not get excited for Halloween. Whether you’re going to the coolest Halloween party in town, or just getting some candy while trick or treating, one of the best parts is getting to dress up. But Halloween costumes can be expensive, so what are some ways to save on your costume?

To come up with a Halloween costume on a budget, scan your closet or check your pantry for things that you can easily transform into homemade costumes. Your craft box and garage may already have the tools that will level up your Halloween experience.

And if you need some inspiration for a great affordable costume, we have some fun ideas to further inspire you.

Instagram Filter

Add a modern twist to your costume party by dressing up as an Instagram Filter. Bring out one of your empty cardboard boxes from your storage. Trim down the box into a big rectangle to transform it into an IG frame. Cut out a square hole in the middle of the frame so you can peek out from it. Paint an OIG filter on the frame. Get ready to pose as if you were snapping an IG selfie!

Magic 8-Ball

Bring a touch of magic to your festivities by wearing a Magic 8-Ball costume. Put on a black shirt and black pants. Cut out a white piece of paper into a circle and tape it to your shirt. Snip out an “8” number from a black piece of paper and stick it to the middle of the white circle. Make a paper hat and write down the Magic 8-Ball answers on each section. Wait for your party guests to consult you about their questions!

Audrey Hepburn

Say “hello” to Audrey Hepburn as you don your sleeveless little black dress to start your Breakfast at Tiffany’s look. Matching black gloves, large sunglasses, and pearls will help you nail this costume. Oh, and don’t forget that croissant for a complete ensemble.


Paint black stripes on an orange t-shirt that you’ve scouted from your kid’s closet. Prepare ear cutouts and paste them onto a headband. Don’t forget to print a mask or paint your child’s face with orange, white, and black, to finish the tiger look.


Transform into a Clark-Kent-who’s-about-to-transform-into-Superman by wearing a Superman shirt under a jacket. Keep your reading glasses on as part of your disguise.

Lara Croft

Show your adventurous side along with a form-fitting tank top, khaki shorts, and jungle boots. Braided hair, aviator shades, and toy guns will make you stand out as Lara Croft.

Wednesday Addams

Nail the classic Wednesday Addams look using your long-sleeved black dress over a white-collared shirt. Braid your hair and apply some dark lipstick to create a grimmer mood.

Stick Figure

Get a plain white shirt and a matching pair of pants. Then use electrical tape to create the lines for the stick figure. Draw the head on a paper plate and wear it as your mask. Multiply the fun by making the same costume for the rest of your family.

Miss Universe

Be glamorous for Halloween by wearing an evening dinner outfit. Wear your Miss Universe sash, take your scepter, and flaunt your crown as you sashay the evening away.


If you’ve got a striped white shirt, suspenders, and a pair of white gloves, you’re almost ready to dress up as a mime. All you need is some white face paint and you’re good to go. And don’t forget to get into character by trying not to talk!

Greek Goddess

Take a white top sheet, wrap it around your body, and tie the two ends on your left shoulder. Define your waist with a thin belt, a cord, or a golden chain. Leaf accents in your hair add to the subtle charm of this Greek attire.


While we’re on the topic of top sheets, if you’ve got an old one, cut out holes for the eyes. Going as a bedsheet ghost is one of those classic old-school costumes everyone should try once!

Are You Ready to Dress Up for Halloween?

These ideas can get your creative juices flowing with your own characters and budget concepts for Halloween. Open your eyes and you’ll find that your home is your own treasure-trove of easy-to-use costume pieces that will work great for your DIY Halloween outfit.