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Debit Card Text Alerts

To help our members protect their information, Secured Advantage has launched Debit Card Text Alerts. If potential fraudulent activity takes place on your Secured Advantage debit card, we will notify you right away via the cell phone number we have on file with your account.

If you respond “yes” that you made the transaction, excellent! You may continue using your card.

If you respond “no,” your card will be blocked, and a Fraud Specialist will call you during daytime hours to discuss your card or you can call them at the number supplied in the text response.

You will only be contacted when suspicious activity occurs, such as irregular timeframes, unusual geographical locations and uncommon purchasing patterns.

Debit Card Text Alerts allow you to stop fraudulent activity on your debit card as it occurs and keep your funds and information safer from fraudsters. If Secured Advantage already has your cell phone, you are already enrolled. If we don’t have your cell phone number, it is easy to enroll. Simply update it when you log into online banking.

If you have any questions or need more information, please call your branch.

Simpsonville, S.C. – 864.531.0003
Iowa Park, Texas – 940.592.6502

Message and data rates may apply.