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Ready. Set. Grow.

With a New Secured Starter Loan

Introducing our new Secured Starter Loan, a low-interest loan designed to help. Borrowers who have little or no credit history are able to build their credit scores, and borrowers with past credit issues are able to rebuild theirs.

Traditionally, a share secured loan requires funds provided up front as security for the loan. The Secured Starter Loan works similarly, but in reverse. Rather than providing funds in order to borrow, you’ll be approved for a loan that’s gradually paid out as you pay it off. Each payment will result in more funds released for your use. Regular payments reimbursed immediately to build or rebuild your credit.

What the funds are for is your decision. Cover the deposit on a wedding vendor, take that trip you’ve had planned for years, or put the finishing touches on your first baby’s nursery.

The Secured Starter Loan from Secured Advantage. Ready. Set. Grow…

Your Family. Your Credit. Yourself.

*See credit union for details. Federally insured by NCUA. Equal Housing Lender.
Home Equity Lines of Credit are for South Carolina residents only.