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Online Banking

CardValet Update

Available Now!

New Card Management and Spend Tracking Within Our Mobile Banking App!

You can experience new benefits when logging in to our mobile baking app.

Card management and spend tracking functionality will now be available from a single app – the same app you use for mobile banking.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Beginning soon, the CardValet app will be unavailable. You will no longer need to access this app and should delete it from your mobile device.

  • Once the migration is complete, access the mobile banking app – just log in as usual and the app will let you know what’s new once it is updated.

  • IMPORTANT! After the update, be sure to log in to the mobile banking app and tap [My Cards]. For users with My Location and Notifications previously enabled in the CardValet app, tapping [My Cards] will ensure these features are activated within the new experience.

  • Cards and controls will carry over from the previous app to our mobile banking app. Please note, if you added a second card in your current app, that card may need to be re-added so you can see it; however, the controls will still be in effect. If you customized alerts, please review those settings in the new app.

  • You can still use your cards during this app transition.

Is There Anything I Should Do Today?

  1. If you haven’t already, download our mobile banking app today. Set up an account and login to become familiar with the app.

  2. Turn on automatic app updates on your phone so you get the new features as soon as they are rolled out.

  3. Enable Live Updates in our mobile banking app so you know what to expect and when

Can I still use the CardValet App?

  • We encourage you to try the new functionality within our mobile banking app.

  • For members who only have business and/or credit accounts and do not have access to online banking, you will still be able to access the CardValet app to manage your cards.

  • To access the CardValet app – just log in as usual. You will see some minor changes to screens once the updates complete.

  • User credentials remain the same, and all previously registered cards and alerts/controls will be available after the update is complete app functionality– just log in as usual. You will see a new initial screen and some minor updates to other section once the app updates. Contact Us For any questions regarding the update, please call us at 800-468-5153 or email us at