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3 ways to save money this summer

Wouldn’t you rather spend your money on making lasting memories with friends and family this summer? If you’re on a tight budget but still want to enjoy all that summer has to offer, here are three ways you can save.

  1. Save up to $300 by packing your lunch. Making your lunch is usually healthier and way cheaper than eating out. Instead of going out to eat every day with your co-workers, take a few extra minutes in the morning (or the night before) and make your lunch two or three times a week. You could save $20–30 each week, which adds up to $200–300 throughout the summer.
  2. Let Mother Nature dry your clothes Give your dryer a break and let the warm summer air dry your clothes for free. You can also use cool water in the washer more frequently, which can clean your clothes just as well as warm or hot water. Changing up your laundry habits is an easy way to start saving money on summer bills.
  3. Earn up to $100 by selling your old clothes. No time or space for a yard sale? Clean out your closets and take those clothes you “might wear… someday” to a consignment shop, or sell your clothes from home through an online marketplace like thredUP or Poshmark. You can put the money you make toward summer vacation.

BONUS! How about one bonus way to save?

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